Echeveria Nodulosa MARUBA

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With a common name Painted Echeveria, this Echeveria Nodulosa Maruba is an attractive succulent with up to 2 feet or 60 cm long, branched stems and up to 5 inches or 12.5 cm wide rosettes.

The leaves are olive green and marked with vivid red coloring on the margins and in the center. Pale yellow flowers marked with red produced in tall and erect in an unbranched inflorescence.

Echeveria nodulosa is a species of flowering plant in the Crassulaceae family. It is commonly called painted echeveria, and is native to Mexico (widely distributed and rather common in North Oaxaca and South Puebla).

Super cool bloom and it's dramatic color brings contrast to the plant.
It is not complicated to care and pairs well with other plants.

Grab one for your garden!

Plant Size: approximately 5cm

Caring For Echeveria Nodulosa:
1) Requires full sun to achieve vibrant red colouration.
2) Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sun to minimise sunburn, allow for some partial shade.
3) Water once soil is completely dry.
4) Pot in well draining, porous gritty mix as echeveria is sensitive to trapped moisture.
5) Fertilise every 2 weeks with a half strength fertiliser, avoid high nitrogen. fertilisers as it will cause the leaves to turn green.

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