About Us


Hello Succulent lovers!

I'm Junice! I discovered my love for succulents shortly after visiting numerous plantation when travelling..

A little background..

What started with few cuttings gifted from a neighbor has bloomed into a facebook page/group dedicated to succulents ( 150,000 fans and growing). The many positive comments and request for succulents has inspired us to start the business of online sales and sending succulents worldwide!

You are in the right place...

If you love beautiful succulents as much as we do, you are in the right place! This is the store that we have spent efforts and specially handpicked unique pieces that suit your desires!

I specialize in rare and hard-to-find succulents. Quality and healthy plants are our top pick. Our lovely succulents are from Singapore, Korea, China, Netherlands and USA.

I love travelling near and far to seek out unique products. I enjoy digging through dusty barns, wandering through flea markets, and pouring through estate sale items to find perfect retro treasures to love. My heart beats a little faster every time I spot something that I "know" is a perfect fit for eSucculent.com and my lovely, loyal customers.

What makes us different...

The competition is strong. We all want the best plants. What separate us is that we listen to you! Excellent customer service is our utmost priority!

When I'm not covered in dirt in my nursery, I'm an Interior designer, mom to two cute kittens and Green Earth advocate. Together with my strong team members, we aim to serve our customers with beautiful succulents!

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We are grateful for every word-of-mouth referral that appreciates beautiful succulent and our strong engaging community supports our business growth. Keep in touch with us, and share our awesome plants with your friends using those social sharing buttons on our page!

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