Echeveria agavoides Red Wax

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The Echeveria agavoides Red Wax is a Collector's Choice and a Best Buy succulent.
It has green waxy foliage, fleshy and with a small spin on the leaf tip.

Most widely seen for sale, super easy to care and pair well with other succulent.
Top Pick plant, Stunning when in Bloom because of its foliage feature rosette.

Flowers rise above the foliage on stems and are rosy pink with yellow interiors. The flowers are bell or lantern shaped and flared.

Perfect for a Pot and a cool addition to your garden.

Buy now before it last! Hurry!

Plant Size: approximately 4 - 6cm

Caring For Echeveria
1) Avoid prolonged sun exposure for variegated species as it can lead to sunburn
2) Minimise rain splash to prevent rot
3) Use inorganic, well draining, gritty mix
4) Always use a pot with drainage hole
5) Give at least 4-5hours of direct morning sun or 8-12 hours of grow light to prevent etiolation
6) Propagate by stem cuttings, leaf or seeds
7) Avoid spraying with water or oil-based products as the farina will be destroyed

It is normal for bottom leaves to dry up if it is newly potted as the roots are not established. Give it some moisture to start the rooting process.
9) Treat regularly with diluted fungicide solution such as captan or zagro stilt.

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