Echeveria Rain Drops

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Echeveria Raindrops is a rare succulent and very popular among collectors. It forms rosettes up to 25cm wide. Each leaf has a raindrop shape globular lump towards the outer edge, pale green/blue leaves with red margins. 

It is an unusual succulent specimens, making it an ideal container plant for the garden, patio or veranda. Exotic in appearance, and pairs well with other houseplants.

Echeveria rain drops is a Dick Wright hybrid, it is the smallest of bumpy-leaved echeverias.

Echeveria Raindrops grow in well-drained soil and likes full sun to part shade in well draining soil. Once established, it is drought tolerant. Protect from frost. And as with most Echeveria, a reasonable low maintenance plant. 

Species that pair well with are: Echeveria Blue Minima and Echeveria Rainbow.

Plant Size: 2.5 - 5 inches

Caring For Echeveria Rain Drops:
1) At least 4 hours of direct sun a day or 8-12 hours of growlight. Avoid afternoon sun.
2) Avoid watering onto the leaves or stem, water directly into the soil. Avoid misting the plant.
3) Use a porous, gritty well draining mix. Echeveria are prone to rot.
4) Propagate by leaves, stem cutting or seeds.

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