Astrophytum asterias

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Including: 1 live succulent plant ( Astrophytum asterias ).

A type of cactus. Plant Size: approx 2.5 - 5 inches.

Caring For Astrophytum:
1) Astrophytum does well in temperatures above 21°C, it is easily acclimatised to our climate.
2) Astrophytum requires at least 5 hours of direct sunlight a day, it is a sun loving cactus.
3) Astrophytum blooms when fertilised regularly, using water soluble fertiliser or osmocote. Make sure the fertiliser has an even NPK ratio and apply in low dosage.
4) Astrophytum does well in media with at least 50% organics, it needs to be water retaining.
5) Water once soil dries out until it flows out of the drainage hole.
6) Astrophytum is propagated by seed, pups or grafting.

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