Greenovia Diplocycla Gomera 'Green Rose Succulent'

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Greenovia Diplocycla Gomera ' Green Rose Succulent' or commonly known as Mountain Rose or Aeonium Mountain Rose are very unique and a Best Seller Succulent. 

They are so beautiful and magical like those from fairy tales. Definitely an eye candy and looks stunning when fully bloom. They come in green and can turn fabulous shades of pastel pink and mauve which reinforces the rose impression. Perfect for Pot with Beautiful Cluster.

Greenovia Diplocycla Gomera ' Green Rose Succulent' is an attractive succulent perennial that forms clumps up to 40cm in diameter. They require little maintenance to survive indoors. These lovely Succulents are very adaptable houseplants and will thrive in a range of indoor conditions. Soft Pastel Color, Gorgeous when Bloom! 

Pairs well with Greenovia Aurea El Hierro 'Pink Rose Succulent'  and Aeonium Dodrantale.

Plant Size: 2.5 - 5 inches.

Caring For Greenovia:
1) They undergo aestivation when temperatures reach above 35°C, their leaves will curl to prevent excessive water loss and sunburn, giving them a rose-like shape.
2) Give minimal water when they are dormant during summer.
3) The active growing season of Greenovia occurs between 18-24°C. After dormancy, the leaves will open up, drench the soil thoroughly once it is dry.
4) Repot into a fast draining potting mix to prevent root rot.
5) Do NOT water directly onto the greenovia as the water will be trapped in between the leaves, causing rot.

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