Aeonium x loartei

Set Type

Aeonium X Loartei is a mini type, with multiple branches and grow up to 20-25cm plant height. 

It has distinct ovate leaves arranged in lotus shape.
Rare Succulent, but a Beautiful Cluster.

The color of the leaves of the Aeonium X Loartei is changeable and very charming.

A spectacular sight, as each branch will produce flower buds when the time comes for the opening. Perfect for a planter, this Aeonium X Loartei is a top pick for succulent plant collectors.


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Plant Size: approximately 2 - 5 inches

Caring For Aeoniums
1) Keep temperatures about 20-25°C, aeoniums are summer dormant.
2) Do not expose to intense sunlight to prevent sunburn.
3) Use at least 80% inorganic potting mix that is free draining and porous.
4) Place in bright and airy location with at 1-2 hours of direct sunlight.
5) Use a tall and narrow terracotta pot, it is susceptible to stem and root rot due to excess moisture in the soil
6) Fertilize once every 2 weeks during the active growth period with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.
7) It can be easily propagated by seed or by stem cuttings. Sow seed at 19-24ºC. Take cuttings of rosettes in the actively growing season and keep at 18ºC and barely moist until rooted.

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