Aeonium Zwartkin

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Aeonium Zwartkin is a Collectors Choice Succulent. Super Cool Bloom.

Bright Rosettes and Fast Growing Succulent!

Succulent Care Tips: 

  • Light: Aeoniums generally requires at least 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight per day. Few hours of morning and evening sun is fine, with bright direct sunlight for the rest of the day. We usually would recommend you to avoid the hot afternoon sun as it might sunburn the leaves. So filtered sunlight or growth light is fine. keep it out of the rain

    Watering Requirements: If potted into gritty soil, we recommend watering till the water flows out of the pot holes, once every 2 weeks. Do make sure the soil is dry before watering again.
    Ventilation is extremely important in order for the moisture to dry up quickly.
  • Recommend you to keep it well ventilated like in an aircon room or outdoors sheltered from rain.

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