Aeonium LilyPad

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Aeonium LilyPad is a perennial succulent up to 30 cm (12 inches) tall. It forms semi-flared, flower-like rosettes with a diameter of up to six inches (15 cm). The leaves are very dense, waxy, and colourful. The bottom leaves of several succulent plants are offset. Aeonium ‘Lily Pad’ is a hybrid possibly a cross between A. bethencourtianum and A. lindleyi.

Plant Size: 6cm (2.36 inch)

Caring For Aeonium LilyPad
1) Aeoniums are sensitive to extreme heat or cold
2) Aeonium will need at least 4 hours of sunlight or under a grow light to maintain their compact rosette at the ends of their branches
3) Aeoniums can handle more frequent watering during their winter growing season. In the summer months, they go dormant and don’t require lots of water. Just wet the top soil so that their roots don’t completely dry out.
4) Fertilize Aeonium only during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer with low nitrogen content.
5) Aeoniums need quickly draining soil with lots of inorganic components
6) Propagate Aeonium only during the winter growing season. Take stem cuttings when the weather has cooled down and they have come out of their summer dormancy.

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