Pleiospilos nelii

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Including: 1 live succulent plant ( Pleiospilos nelii ).

Native to South Africa, Pleiospilos nelii 'Royal Flush' is a type of split rock succulent, so named because of its unique appearance that allows it to camouflage against the granite rocks that cover the ground in its natural habitat. A mesemb, or member of the family of ‘mimicry plants,’ this succulent ranges from pink to purple in color, with thick, oblong leaves coated in a blanket of speckles.

Caring For Pleiospilos:
1) Requires bright light conditions to maintain purple coloration.
2) Avoid fertilising as too much nitrogen can lead to rot.
3) Use a well draining gritty mix that retains little water as they are susceptible to overwatering.
4) Use a tall pot to accomodate the long taproot.
5) Pleiospilos should never have more than 2 sets of leaves as it has to shed its outer leaves every growth cycle.
6) Avoid watering when it is splitting.

Care For Lithops

Lithops are very sensitive to their growing environments. They usually dislike low temperature and direct strong sunlight. They need a growing environment with temperature preferably about 15-30 degree celsius.

Lithops also expect high quality soil permeability mixture. Ensure a well ventilated growing environment. 

Important note: Do not overwater. Make sure only water when the soil is dry. The soil must be watered completely and thoroughly each time. 

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    Plant Size: 2 - 4 cm

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