Dinteranthus vanzylii

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Including: 1 live lithop plant ( Dinteranthus Vanzylii ).

Size: approximately 1 - 2cm

Dinteranthus Vanzylii originates from Cape province, South Africa. They grow in fine sand and gravel among quartz stones, in a very dry area with prevalent rain in March. They both in colour and shape, resemble the stones and pebbles found in their natural habitat.
The form and colour of the Dinteranthus have developed in order to allow them to live in the harsh conditions of their natural environment where they are able to stand extended periods of drought.

Caring for Dinteranthus:
1) Dinteranthus differs from Lithops in that it frequently has two pairs of actively growing leaves. If your Dinteranthus has more than two pairs of leaves, it’s a sign of overwatering. To correct this problem, you’ll need to stop watering and allow the plant to absorb the moisture from the outermost pair of leaves. If you continue watering, Dinteranthus will eventually rot.
2) Dinteranthus cannot tolerate low light environments, provide a full spectrum grow light for 8-12 hours a day.
3) As long as Dinteranthus is being watered properly, it should be able to survive the hottest of summers. Again, this does not apply to seedlings under a year old as they have a lower tolerance level. Extreme heat combined with the direct sun may be too much for a young Dinteranthus.
4) Drainage is essential to growing healthy Dinteranthus. However, these succulents require a faster draining substrate than most. Water retaining ingredients such as clay should be avoided at all costs. Avoid lining the bottom of your pot with stones. This will create a perched water table, which will expose your succulents’ roots to more moisture, rather than allowing it to drain away.
5) It’s usually recommended to grow Dinteranthus in a shallow container. These plants have surprisingly small root systems and don’t need much room to expand. Shallow dishes also promote faster drying of the soil. Terracotta is also recommended as it absorbs some water and can help prevent overwatering. Plastic and glazed ceramic pots do not absorb water, so you’ll need to be more careful if you plant your Dinteranthus in one of these.

Care For Lithops

Lithops are very sensitive to their growing environments. They usually dislike low temperature and direct strong sunlight. They need a growing environment with temperature preferably about 15-30 degree celsius.

Lithops also expect high quality soil permeability mixture. Ensure a well ventilated growing environment. 

Important note: Do not overwater. Make sure only water when the soil is dry. The soil must be watered completely and thoroughly each time. 

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