Greenovia aurea ex Tenerife

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Greenovia aurea ex Tenerife  is a very beautiful and popular Succulent . 

Their dormant shape likes a graceful wine cup .  

Leaves in growing period are green and open, while in dormancy period(May to July) , they will close and turn charming light green covered with some white powder.

Dormancy size : Height (not include roots and trunk) 5cm, Diameter 5cm . 

Caring For Greenovia:
1) They undergo aestivation when temperatures reach above 35°C, their leaves will curl to prevent excessive water loss and sunburn, giving them a rose-like shape.
2) Give minimal water when they are dormant during summer.
3) The active growing season of Greenovia occurs between 18-24°C. After dormancy, the leaves will open up, drench the soil thoroughly once it is dry.
4) Repot into a fast draining potting mix to prevent root rot.
5) Do NOT water directly onto the greenovia as the water will be trapped in between the leaves, causing rot.

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