Gardening Bird Drip Irrigation Watering Device


No time to water your plants? With these Gardening Bird Drip Irrigation Watering Devices, you can save time. Your plants are well taken care of!


100% Brand New
Material: ABS + Terracotta
Color: green, blue, orange
Size: 15 * 5cm / 6 * 2 "
Capacity: 60ml / 2oz

The mixture of fertilizers and water (note: complete dissolution of the fertilizer) can be sent to the beak, inserted into the potted plant medium, and the ceramic tail can be used to provide water and fertilizer to the plants so that the plants can thrive.

Water can be added at the right time.

This is a water-saving bird. It is not only innovative but also transparent in color. Easy to use. When growing plants, the water and fertilizer mixture enter the body through the bird's beak. The ceramic tail attached to it is inserted into the soil and the water will slowly seep out of the water without daily watering. By observing the bird's transparent body, you can know how much water is used and whether you need to add water.

This is a very attractive decoration, very practical, this is a wonderful gift for friends, relatives, colleagues and gardening enthusiasts.
Packing list:
1 * Automatic watering device

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