1L Dual-Purpose Watering Spraying Pot

Rose Pink

This lovely 1L Dual-Purpose Watering Spraying Pot makes your gardening experience more at ease and enjoyable!


1. 2-in-1 function: This watering can integrate watering and spraying functions, so you do not need to replace other containers when using it, which is more convenient.
2. Durable: Watering and spraying dual-purpose pots are made of environmentally friendly PP and resin materials, durable and indispensable good helpers for your family planting.
3. Multipurpose: The size of the watering and spraying dual-purpose kettle is very appropriate You can use it not only when planting, but also when doing housework.
4. Adjustable: It adopts adjustable rotary spray head, when turning to different positions, there will be two spray modes, spray and spray straight line.
5. Comfortable: The ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip. You won't feel hassle when watering.


Color choice: Green, Rose Pink, Orange, Blue
Dimensions(about): height: 25cm/ 9.84 in; bottom: 13cm*10.5cm/ 5.12 * 4.13 in, spout length: 7.5cm/ 2.95 in
Capacity: about 1L

Note: The volume of water should not exceed the height of the spout below to prevent the water to spill out.


1* 1L Dual-Purpose Watering Spraying Pot


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