Organic Ceramsite - Effective Succulent Plant Nutrient Soil Fertilizer

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These Organic Ceramsite - Effective Succulent Plant Nutrient Soil Fertilizer!

Organic ceramsite is a kind of flower soilless culture substance.

It is made of kaolin and clay. The shape of the product is colored spherules, just like a colorful pearl. It is as hard as stone, round and smooth, with good visual effect. It is widely used in flowers and trees. The soil cover of the topsoil and the soilless cultivation of potted flowers. The product integrates, decorates and is breathable, water-absorbing and water-retaining. It has beautiful color, water and aging resistance that gives no fading , no peeling and tasteless. Environment friendly product.


1. Gardening Ceramsite as a drain layer when be placed on the bottom of the pot to keep the drain open and increase the breathability of the pot.

2. Moisturizing: When the air humidity is low, the water in the basin surface is easy to evaporation. A layer of ceramsite on the surface can slow the evaporation of water. The ceramsite is fired from clay, and the structure is loose and has many voids, which can absorb some water.

3. Aesthetics: Cover the mud on the surface of the basin to1 the soil particles from splashing when watering the flowers or spraying water.

4. The product integrates, decorates. Also breathable, water-absorbing and water-retaining.

5. Protects environment and not hurt the plants.


Material: ceramsite

Uses: potted plants

3 Available Sizes: 0.5-1cm/ 1-3cm/ 1-2cm

Packaging Weight: 500g/ 1000g / 1500g

Package List: 1 * Package of Ceramsite

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