Crassula Dejecta

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Commonly known as the Crassula Undulata, the Crassula Dejecta has Limited Stock and with Intricate Clusters! 

Neat, densely branched, upright, perennial shrublet the leaves are Fleshy Green, often tinged red, with a row of Rounded, bead-like hairs on the margins that give the leaves a silvery edge.

Gorgeous and a total Eye-Catcher, the Crassula Dejecta leaves are opposite, more or less the same length on the whole plant and arranged densely in neat rows up the stems, giving a tidy, geometric effect.

Perfect to pair with ECHEVERIA AGAVOIDES WAX. Super Unique and Easy to Care, this Crassula Dejecta is a sure win in your Collection!

Plant Size: approximately 7 cm

Succulent Care Tips: 

  • Porous soil with good drainage.
  • Bright light with ample airflow.
  • Water when soil is dry
  • Protect from winter frost.
  • Protect from extreme heat

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