Adromischus Marianae

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The Adromischus Marianae is a gorgeous slow-growing, succulent subshrub that can grow up to 6-inches tall. It has an oddly shaped and interestingly marked leaf as the main attraction. 

It has a Great Bloom adding that perfect pop-of-color!
The Adromischus Marianae produce adorable small and upright flowers.
This lovely Adromischus are tolerant of cool and can survive during the winter if kept dry.

Fun Addition to your Collection and a Top Voted Chubby Cutie!

You can plant the young plants in pots and keep it indoors until they well established. Note: They will not survive poor light or poor drainage in the wet.

Add this to your Excellent Arrangement!!! HURRY!!!

Plant Size: approximately 2 - 5 inches.

Caring For Adromischus:
1) Adromischus leaves will wrinkle if it is under direct sun for many hours a day. Ensure it receives a mix of direct and indirect sunlight.
2) Adromischus thrive in warm environments of about 24°C, place them in a sheltered environment away from splashing rain.
3) Water adromischus regularly (1-2 times a week) as they are heavy drinkers
4) Pot in well drained soil mix with at least 70% inorganics.
5) Adromischus is easily propagated via leaf or stem cuttings.

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