Graptopetalum Purple Delight

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Graptopetalum Purple Delight also known as Graptopetalum Snow White is a perennial succulent that makes excellent rockery plants. It is a favorite among purple succulent lovers!

Flowers on short stalks arise from compact rosettes of succulent fleshy, often brightly colored leaves. This species is polycarpic, meaning that they may set seed and flower many times over the course of their lifetimes

Hardy and excellent for arrangement. Pairs well with Echeveria Blue Surprise and Echeveria Hera.

Perfect purple rosette shape and definitely a Eye Candy!

Plant Size: 2.5 - 5 inches

Caring for Graptopetalum:
1) Requires 4-5 hours of sunlight or 8-12hours of growlights to prevent etiolation.
2) Graptopetalum will maintain its vibrant colours when there is a temperature difference of 10°C between day and night.
3) Graptopetalum is easy to acclimatise in our climate.
4) Use "soak and dry" method to water them.
5) Use a gritty and well draining soil mix with at least 80% inorganics.
6) Propagated by leaf, stem cuttings and seeds.

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