Tephrocactus Geometricus

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Including: 1 live succulent plant ( Tephrocactus Geometricus).

Tephrocactus geometricus is a species of cactus under the genus Tephrocactus. It is also classified under the subfamily Opuntioideae. It is native to Argentina Catamarca (Angostura de Guanchim and Tinogasta) and close to the Bolivian border, where it is exposed to extreme heat and an arid climate.

Rare cacti collector's item.

Plant Size: 3cm (1.18 inch)

Caring For Tephrocactus:
1) Tephrocactus Geometricus requires soil that is very well-drained, at least 50% inorganics.
2) Loves direct sunlight but avoid direct afternoon sunlight exposure, always provide shade in the afternoon
3) Tephrocactus Geometricus needs very little watering. Water this plant only when the soil has been completely dried out.
4) Ensure relatively low humidity as high humidity causes the stem and roots to rot.
5) The more common way is the method of cutting , you can just cut the segments from the mature part of the plant and placed it in new soil. Another method is grafting.

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