Sedum Burrito Moran

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Sedum Burrito Moran also known commonly as Burro’s Tail, Donkey’s Tail, Baby Donkey Tail is a favorite this season among soft succulent collectors.

It is a super bloomer that produces beautiful pastel green of clusters with pendant stems grow up to 3.0' long and are covered with bead-like, greenly leaves. This Pet Safe Succulent can produce pink flowers during spring. 

Sedum Burrito are impressive on pots or outdoor gardens. It also thrives in hanging containers. Generally loves plenty of sunlight, but can tolerate frost and neglect. 

Pairs well with Echinus Maximiliani and Cotyledon Pendens

Plant Size: Approx 5 cm Multiple Heads

Caring For Sedums:
1) Sedum need bright sunlight (>4 hours) to maintain their colors and full leaf coverage.
2) Sedum can be propagated from stem cuttings.
3) Sedum grow best in temperatures of around 20°C but can be acclimated to hot climates.
4) Sedum needs well draining soil mix with at least 50% inorganics, it is known to be drought tolerant.
5) Use the 'soak and dry' method to water sedums.

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