Plant Lady Planter Pots

Beautiful set of 4 Plant Lady Planter Pots suitable for succulent lovers!
  • The design principle of this group of girls' flowerpots comes from the pure, nifty, dreamy, witty and unique of the girl.It will brighten up any window seal or work desk! Take some time out of your busy day to water your happy new friend!
  • With a drainage hole that allows water to flow through the soil and into the saucer below.
  • Perfect for displaying a small plant such as succulent or cacti. Plants not included.
  • Perfect for displaying live plants such as succulents and cacti or decorative candles.
  • Suitable for home decoration, and it can also make your office unique. It is a great gift for your friends who love planting or animal; handmade product, may have slight paint issue.
  • Come in a set of 4
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