Pachyphytum Machucae Baby Finger

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Including: 1 live succulent plant ( Pachyphytum Machucae Baby Finger ).

The pachyphytum machucae derives from the Pachyphytum genus, Crassulaceae family and Saxifragales order. Geographically, it has its origin in Mexico.

Caring For Pachyphytum Machucae:
1) Pachyphytum are especially prone to rot and fungal infections due to its thick leaves, treat regularly with systemic fungicide for early prevention.
2) Pachyphytum is sensitive to water, only water when there are wrinkles.
3) Use 100% inorganic soil mix that is porous and well draining.
4) Pachyphytum does well at 20-25°C. Avoid intense sunlight as they do not take the heat well.
5) Direct morning sun or growlights only.
6) Pachyphytum are propagated by leaves, stem cuttings and seeds.

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