Haworthia Obtusa Hirose Variegata

Set Type

Including: 1 live succulent plant (Haworthia Obtusa Hirose Variegata).

Plant size: 4cm (1.57 inch)

Caring For Haworthia:
1) Control watering as haworthia had fleshy tap roots which tend to rot easily.
2) Fertilise them regularly (every 1-2 weeks) with a very diluted liquid cacti fertiliser.
3) NO direct afternoon sunlight as it will cause the leaves to burn and shrink.
4) Mineral substrate mix (~3mm) consisting of hyuga pumice, akadama and kanuma is the most suitable! Potting mix needs to be loose and permeable.
5) It is best to repot into a tall pot as haworthia has tap roots that grow downwards. Repot every 1-2 years.

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