Graptosedum Little Beauty

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Including: 1 live succulent plant ( Graptosedum Little Beauty ).

Caring For Graptosedum:
1) They prefer well drained light sandy soil. A mixture of sand, soil, perlite and pumice suits best for its growth.
2) The plants should be watered to maintain the soil moist. Prevent watering the leaves. They don’t prefer soggy or wet soil, a pot with proper drainage holes should be used.
3) They prefer direct sunlight. The plants can also be grown in partial direct sunlight. They thrive when there is enough sunlight. Placing the plants in areas that are humid or dark can affect the growth of the plant and the colour.
4) Once the plants grow tall, the tips of the stems can be cut out and planted separately for propagation.
5) Any slow release succulent fertilizer can be used.
6) They are not prone to any diseases or pests. Excess watering can cause root rot.
7) The plant can be propagated through seeds, stem or leaf cuttings and offsets.

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