Haworthia Glass Compto

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Haworthia Glass Compto is a trending succulent species and very popular among rare plant collectors. 

It's translucent flesh and fat juicy leaves are the hallmarks of Haworthia window plant. One of the easiest houseplants to grow. These decorative little plants can be grown in interesting containers such as tea cups and even miniature baby shoes as long as the container had adequate drainage.

Haworthia Glass Compto is a low maintenance and hardy succulent plant. Generally likes shade or filter light and need re-potting only once or twice a year into in a well drained potting mix.

Pairs well with Haworthia Cooperi cv. Variegata and Haworthia Cooperi var. Truncata

Plant Size: 2.5 - 5 inches

Succulent Care Tips: 

  • Porous soil with good drainage.
  • Bright light with ample airflow.
  • Water when soil is dry
  • Protect from winter frost.
  • Protect from extreme heat

Light: Avoid direct harsh afternoon sun over long hours or the plant will sunburn. Few hours of morning and evening sun is fine, with bright indirect sunlight for the rest of the day. Bright filtered sunlight or growth light is recommended. Overstressing the plant will cause it to change into a darker color.

Water: In the first month after potting, water with only 50ml once a week along the edge of the pot.

You may mist the plant every day in the evening.

Do let the soil media dry out between watering. Water evenly and generously till the water flows out from the holes of the pots a month after potting.

Potting media: Very gritty and well-draining potting soil.

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