Cute Wise Owl Flower Pots

The creative and special design of these cute wise owl planter pots will make your home gardens more lively.
  • Durable ceramic, waterproof and weather resistant for indoor & outdoor.
  • Decorative Cute Wise Owl Flower Pots, adding a beautiful touch to your living space. 
You can not only plant flowers inside, but also use them to hold and store small accessories and miscellaneous items.
There is a small hole in the bottom that the water can flow through it. 
It’s a good a idea to send them to your friends/family as a gift.



Item Name: Mini pot

Material: Ceramic 

Style: Cartoon Owl Used With: Flower/Green Plant 

Color: as show in picture Size: 5.3*6.5 cm or 6*6 cm ( as picture )

Finishing : Glossy Surface(Style 1/2/4/5) or Rough Surface  (Style 3/6 )

Comes in a set of 3.
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