Dinteranthus vanzylii

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Including: 1 live lithop plant ( Dinteranthus Vanzylii ).

Size: approximately 1 - 2cm

Dinteranthus Vanzylii originates from Cape province, South Africa. They grow in fine sand and gravel among quartz stones, in a very dry area with prevalent rain in March. They both in colour and shape, resemble the stones and pebbles found in their natural habitat.
The form and colour of the Dinteranthus have developed in order to allow them to live in the harsh conditions of their natural environment where they are able to stand extended periods of drought.

Caring for Dinteranthus:
- Do not get the tops wet as there is a risk of sunburn.
- Use at least 80% inorganic, mineral based substrate such as pumice, perlite, course sand, lava rocks.
- They have long tap roots, pot them in pots that are at least 4-5 inches
- Pot together Dintheranthus that are in the same cycle. Eg: splitting and budding should be separated due to different water requirements.
- Although they are desert plants and evolved to withstand harsh conditions, they do need partial shade during the hottest part of the afternoon. Do not blast them with direct afternoon sunlight in a hot climate. They are only able to tolerate temperatures up to 37¬įC.

Care For Lithops

Lithops are very sensitive to their growing environments. They usually dislike low temperature and direct strong sunlight. They need a growing environment with temperature preferably about 15-30 degree celsius.

Lithops also expect high quality soil permeability mixture. Ensure a well ventilated growing environment. 

Important note: Do not overwater. Make sure only water when the soil is dry. The soil must be watered completely and thoroughly each time. 

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