Gymnocalycium Baldianum

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Including: 1 live succulent plant (Gymnocalycium Baldianum).

Gymnocalycium baldianum, the spider-cactus or dwarf chin cactus, is a species of flowering plant in the cactus family Cactaceae, native to the Catamarca Province in Argentina.

Plant Size: 5cm (1.97 inch)

Caring For Gymnocalycium:
1) Gymnocalycium can be grown indoors or outdoors all year round. They do well in bright, airy areas with not too intense sunlight.
2) Grafted gymnocalycium requires more water than non-grafted ones due to the presence of a rootstock (hylocereus cactus)
3) Gymnocalycium should be fertilised regularly to promote blooming. Ideal fertilisers are water soluble fertilisers and osmocote.
4) Gymnocalycium needs to be potted in well draining soil mix with at least 50% organics, the soil mix needs to be water retaining.
5) Gymnocalycium can be propagated by seeds, pups or grafting.

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